Below you will find a selection of projects I have been involved with over the last eight years, since writing and staging my first play at the age of sixteen. 

Sex, Gardening and Contact Lenses - A series of comedy monologues 

During Lockdown, I have produced a series of six comedy monologues, entitled 'Sex, Gardening and Contact Lenses', that are available to watch on my YouTube. One of my monologues 'Andrea' was selected to be broadcast on BBC Newcastle's Evening Show as part of BBC Upload. Apologies for any technical blunders, I'm new to creating online content, but I have a learnt a lot during the process of producing these.

Grin Up North on BBC Newcastle

I have been writing and performing comedy sketches for BBC Newcastle's comedy radio show 'It's Grin Up North' for over a year and a half. I have enjoyed writing daft sketches about bingo, northern fish and chip shops and young go-getting reporter Gilly Sanderson. A highlight of this experience was getting to perform at Newcastle Labour club in 'Grin Up North Live'. 


I entered one of my comedy sketches, originally written for the radio, a rather ridiculous one about a tombola, to the '40 Kola Comedy Rola' and it was selected to be performed at Alphabetti Theatre.  


Swipe Wrong - A comedy short 

'Swipe Wrong' is a comedy short film made in a weekend as part of The Writing Squad's 'film in a weekend' scheme, in which I played the main role. The script was mainly improvised. The film is comedy mockumentary about a strange young woman called Jenny who is going on a Tinder date.... 

Please do have a watch. 

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it!  

Behind Closed Doors 

'Behind Closed Doors' was a project managed by myself and writers Zoë Badder and Tash Binder. We produced a selection of one-act plays. This ran for three nights at the Penrith Playhouse. We each wrote and directed our own play, with themes ranging from the end of the world to the war to creepy men ringing up telesales departments. My play 'The End is Nigh' was a 30 minute, 3- hander that told the story of doomsayer Noah and his two children Andy and Sasha. You can read more about this in My Plays

This is a trailer I made to promote the evening. 


Beyond the Fence 

'Beyond the Fence' is a full length comedy-drama that I wrote at

the age of sixteen. It's about farm-dwelling Cumbrian Daisy Wilson and the trials and tribulations she endures as she goes through her GCSEs. I directed this play with the Penrith Player's Splinter group in 2014. The following year I directed (and performed) in another production of the play at my school, Appleby Grammar School, with a cast aged between 12-18. I am currently in the process of rewriting this play in order to make it available for youth groups and schools to perform. The newspaper cutting is from the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald. 


The Village Weirdo 

'The Village Weirdo' is a 45 minute radio comedy drama about a man who only speaks to his Dictaphone. This play was produced by 1Five Events & Film in collaboration with the Penrith Players supported by 'Create to Connect'.